Axe & Status - CNC Lathes and Pressbrakes, CNC Machine Tools and Sheet Metal Machinery - Eumach, Juaristi, Massa, Poly Gim, Tuscan, Durma, Toolspress - CNC Press Brakes, Swing Beam Guillotines, Variable Rake Guillotines, Mechanical Shears, Punchpress, Corner Notchers, Ironworkers, Heavy duty CNC, Oil Country, Slant Bed Lathes
Axe & Status - Pressbrakes, Guillotines, Laser Cutting and CNC Machine Tools
Axe & Status - Pressbrakes, Guillotines, Laser Cutting and CNC Machine Tools
Welcome to Axe & Status

The business was established in 1970 with leading manufacturers from around the world entrusting Axe & Status with exclusive representation and distribution of their products for the UK and Irish markets. Their products have been selected to meet all aspects of today’s demanding requirements for competitive and efficient manufacturing processes.

Axe & Status offer a range of machinery for both metal cutting and general fabrication. The company exclusively imports a range of machine tools which include Eumach rigid CNC vertical and horizontal milling machines, Massa heavy duty CNC vertical turning lathes, Polygim Swiss type sliding head lathes, Tuscan heavy duty CNC oil country lathes and Accuway heavy duty CNC slant bed lathes.

New editions to Axe and Status are the Tuscan Savana range of general purpose manual and CNC oil country lathes, and also the Tos Kurim horizontal floor type machining centres.

The fabrication machinery is exclusively imported from Durma which includes standard and CNC pressbrakes, swing beam guillotines, variable rake guillotines, mechanical shears, CNC laser and CNC plasma machines, as well as ranges of plate roll bending machines, profile bending machines, punchpress, corner notchers and ironworkers.

Metal Cutting Machinery  
Heavy duty slant bed CNC lathes. More...
ACCUWAY - Heavy duty slant bed CNC lathes
High quality rigid vertical and horizontal milling machines. More...
Eumach - Milling machines
Heavy duty vertical turning lathes. More...
Massa - CNC turning centres
Swiss type sliding head and standard CNC lathes. More...
Poly Gim - CNC Lathes
Heavy duty, high precision machining centres.
Target - CNC Lathes
Horizontal floor type machining centres.
TOS KUŘIM - Horizontal floor type machining centres
Heavy duty, high precision manual and CNC lathes. More...
Tuscan - CNC Lathes
General purpose, high precision manual and CNC lathes
Tuscan Savana
Fabrication Machinery  
The worlds largest manufacturer of Pressbrakes and Guillotines. More...
Durma - Pressbrakes and Guillotines
Pressbrake Tooling
High quality pressbrake tooling and accessories. More...
Toolspress - Pressbrake tooling
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