CNC machine tools and sheet metal machinery

Axe & Status Showroom

As the UK are opening up more and more, we're able to host showroom demonstrations (still socially distanced of course) at our offices. So it's only fitting that for a look at some of our showroom layouts throughout the years. The demonstrations allow for you to be able to view any of the machinery we sell to be viewed in action and is the perfect time to ask any questions. If a machine isn't currently in stock in our showroom, we can still organise a viewing elsewhere. With numerous clients around the United Kingdom, we'll be able to find somewhere that works best for you. 

The business was established in 1970, then trading as Axe Machine Tools Ltd and Status Sheet Metal Machinery Ltd. These two companies, specialising in metal cutting machine tools and fabricating machinery, were combined in 1979, trading as Axe & Status. The principles upon which the business was formed back in 1970 still apply, in that the company's objectives are to supply acceptable quality and reliability in our products at a competitive price. This enables our customers to remain competitive and maintain low hourly charging rates – a prime feature in the machine specification for final product selection.

With 10 different companies trusting Axe & Status to be exclusive distributors for them in the UK, we're bound to have the perfect machine for you and your needs. We have worked with many of these companies for over 10+ years and pride ourselves on being experts on the machinery we distribute within the UK. 

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