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Axe & Status supply Durma Fiber Laser machines up to 10KW

Axe & Status Machinery Ltd 1st Oct 19 - 3 Min Read

Fast cutting and energy-efficient, Axe & Status are changing the game with fiber laser cutting machines. With almost 60 years of experience in sheet metal manufacturing, Durma understands the requirements of the industry. Their latest technology includes Fiber Laser, a faster and more energy-efficient way to get any amount of metal cutting done, whilst adding value to your company.

Durma Fiber Lasers allow the ability for high volume production, they stand out especially with their faster cutting and energy efficiency over any CO2 lasers. Its rigid body structure, perfect filtration system, compact design, and user-friendliness make this latest fiber laser machine beneficial to any company’s mass production schedule. Not only does Fiber Laser provide a high level of precision, fast cutting, and energy efficiency, but it has low operating costs along with other benefits. Members of the Made in Group, Axe & Status now supply Fiber Laser cutting machines. Those included in investing in this machinery from Axe & Status are other #MiM members Knoxford and Brown Mcfarlane Ltd. The company’s ethos is to provide reliable products at a competitive price.

We asked Steve Thomas, the Managing Director of Axe & Status, how the new fiber laser cutters can help other companies’ productivity: “Durma Fiber Lasers allow the ability for high volume production, they stand out especially with their faster cutting and energy efficiency over any CO2 lasers. The Fiber Laser cutting technology and optional features that are easy to use, such as the addition of a tower or loaders. Its rigid body structure, perfect filtration system the compact design and user-friendliness this latest Fiber Laser machine would be a benefit to any company’s mass production schedule”

The end-user is supported at all times with the Durma Cloud solution which empowers the user with superior technology industry insight and superior customer support and service. This latest machine would be a winning force for any company. Bevel Head ± 45° - Bevel Head for vertical and bevel cuts from 0° to 45°. Optimal results provided through the combination of 5 axis interpolation and software. Positive and negative bevel angles in one part. By directing the output of a high-power laser via a computer at the material that is to be cut, the material is blown away by a jet of gas leaving a surface of a high-quality finish. Rack & Pinion and Linear Motor Motion technologies allow Durma lasers to achieve 3G acceleration. The high level of precision is accomplished due to there not being any intermediate load transmitting elements between the motor and pinion. As a total supplier for sheet metal manufacturing with almost 60 years of experience, Durma understands and recognizes the challenges, requirements, and expectations of the industry. Durma has three production plants with a total of 150.000 m², they dedicate 1,000 employees to delivering high-quality manufacturing solutions at the best performance-to-price ratio in the market. From the innovations developed at the Research and Development Centre to the technical support given by their worldwide distributors. Both Axe & Status Machinery Ltd and Durma have one common mission: To be your preferred partner.

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