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Parker Environmental purchases a Durma Hydraulic Downstroking Pressbrake

Parker Environmental purchases a Durma Pressbrake

Parker Environmental Services continue to go from strength to strength with their purchase of a Durma AD-R Series Axis Synchro Pressbrake from Axe & Status

To provide an improved service to our customers we have purchased a Durma AD-R 30-135 3 Axis Synchro Hydraulic Pressbrake. It has a material handling total ram control which allows the operator to program very slowly pressing and return speeds when handling large sheets. This greatly improves handling the sheet as it is being pushed into the lower die to create the bend. By slowing the pressing speed down to a 'creep' you can virtually eliminate conventional sheet 'whip up'. This whipping effect can make it very difficult for the operator to handle the part.

Article reproduced with kind permission 22/8/2016

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