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Heavy duty teach lathe with Fagor control option

Heavy duty teach lathe with Fagor control option

Recently released by TUSCAN from Axe & Status, is a range of heavy-duty teach lathes. Available with cutting lengths of 1035, 2035, 3035, 4035 and 5035mm, the swings over the bed for each model are 770mm (TA30) and 870mm (TA34); the swings over the cross-slide are 400 and 500mm respectively. The cast Meehanite bed, which has been designed to ensure the highest levels of rigidity and stability during cutting, features a 'triple V' and one flat slideway to optimise precision.

There are four spindle options: a 4in unit (A2-8) for higher-speed light machining; a 6in unit (A2-11) for general heavy-duty machining; a 9in unit (A2-15) for pipe work; and a 12in unit (A2-20) for even larger-diameter pipe work (this accommodates loads between centres of 7,000kg and 8,500kg with two steady rests). A hydraulic disk break is available as an option. There is a choice of three controls: Fanuc OiTD (18.5/22kW spindle drive); Siemens 828D (22/33kW) spindle drive); and Fagor 8055-TC (22/33kW spindle drive).

All lathes feature two hand-wheels for two-axis simultaneous control. Standard equipment includes a 16in three-jaw chuck, a steady rest (30-300mm diameter), and an H4-250 hydraulic turret. Options include an H4-VDI quick change hydraulic turret, an eight tool V8 hydraulic turret and a roller bracket for heavy large-diameter workpieces (this has a capacity for diameters of 300-500mm). Also available as an option is fully enclosed splash guarding, which has been designed to allow these machines to be loaded into a container without needing to remove the rear guard.

Also represented by Axe & Status, Pinnacle was demonstrating its BX700T. This five-axis machine with a B-axis head features continuous rotation of the C axis at 800rev/min (1,200rev/min as an option) for turning applications.

Article reproduced with kind permission from Machinery Market - May 2015

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