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Durma HD-FO 'Compact' Fiberlaser Installation

Not too long ago we installed a HDFO 'Compact' Fiberlaser at Scotts Precision. They already have a Durma ADR Pressbrake machine from us so we were delighted to see that they had opted for another great machine from us. “Our “Durma HD-FO 3015  2KW” machine is one of only a very few in the country! It provides the best possible cutting quality of a fibre laser on the market at incredible speeds” 

With our popular HDFO Fiberlasers now available up to 4kW, the price point from £150,000 +VAT, makes it a great, reliable piece of equipment. “We operate a brand new 2021 Durma industrial lasers. Our fibre laser can handle larger sheet sizes so allows us to carry out all tasks with a maximum part size of 3000mm x 1500mm and up to 12mm thick (6mm in stainless steel) with minimal human interaction! Whether it’s a one off part or a very high volume requirement, we are equipped to offer a speed turn-around.”

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