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New range of innovative press brakes

New range of innovative press brakes

Durma's entry-level AD-E series of press brakes has been superseded by the new AD-R range, but with no increase in price. Axe & Status Machinery, based in Milton Keynes has been exclusively selling the Durma range of products in the UK for the last 10 years.

The new AD-R series utilises the same frame as the Durma top range models and offer greater daylight (530mm), stroke (265mm) and throat depth (410mm) than the previous models. Bending lengths vary from 1,250mm on the 1260 model to 6,050mm on the 60400 model. Respective bending forces are 60 and 400 tonnes. The speed of movement through the axes is also much improved and new CNC control options complete the upgraded package. There are 18 models in the range.

Highlights of the AD-R range include: long double guides for easy and accurate moving of the top beam; CNC operation of the back gauge in the x-axis; easily adjustable sliding front arms for finger tip' lateral adjustment; Euro-style Multi-V toolholders with quick release clamping; manual or motorised crowning on all machines.

Control options comprise the Durma Easy Bend, which offers a simplified screen format and a minimum of keys, along with easy-to-follow bending steps. An upgrade to the Durma CNC Advantage is also possible, offering automatic bending sequences, offline programming, motorised crowning, tandem working and up to 85 x 12 step programs. A DNC 880S control unit is also available, featuring a 10 inch TFT colour screen, 2D display with multi-simulation capability and Windows XPe for multi-tasking and file management.

The upgraded AD-R range provides the combination of performance, accuracy and simplicity at a competitive price and can now be viewed for demonstration at the Axe & Status showroom. The last few AD-E models available are in stock at specially discounted prices.

Article reproduced with kind permission from Engineering Subcontractor - July 2011

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