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State of the Art Durma Fiber Laser 10kW

Axe & Status had the pleasure of installing a Durma HD-F 12030 at Brown McFarlane not long ago and are pleased to see that they are loving their fiber laser.

“Our state-of-the-art Durma 10kw Fibre Laser is the newest addition to our processing centre and, cutting up to 12m by 3m plates, has one of the shortest cutting times that can be offered. With this machine, we can deliver first-class quality across a range of steel sheet thicknesses with the newest cutting and piercing technology. The Durma 10kw Fibre Laser can comfortably cut carbon steel up to and including 12.5mm and stainless steel up to and including 25mm.” - Brown McFarlane website

To read their full article, visit the Brown McFarlane website. 

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