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Durma Plasma Cutting Machines Durma PL-C Series

Durma Plasma Cutting Machines

Durma PL-C Series

Durma has redefined its plasma cutting technology with PL-C series. The PL-C Series is manufactured as a true precision tool for plasma cutting. These high performance plasma machines are designed to cut a wide range of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. 

“Reliability and Durability” is what makes a DURMA plasma PLC Plasma cutting machines a reliable source of plasma cutting when it comes to higher level of material thickness. Hypertherm cutting head and AURORA plasma software ensure precise and quality cuts. AURORA enables users to enhance plasma with extensive specifications and capabilities. Depending on material and thickness, cut quality and cutting speed we can offer you the appropriate solutions for your tasks.

  • Precise Cutting
  • High Durability
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Low energy consumption
  • Better and faster and more precise cuts
  • Rigid body structure
  • Long Durability
  • Hi-tech equipment
  • AURORA Plasma Software
  • Reliable brand

General specifications 

  • Sensitive, precise Hypertherm cutting head
  • DURMA designed and copyrighted AURORA control unit
  • Hypertherm Power Source available in different kW options
  • Rigid body structure with long durability and high performance
  • Electrical Panel and Durma Filter that creates safer working environment
  • Sensitive solutions at high material thickness
  • Variety of dimension models can be made according to the size of material to be cut
  • CE Norm Safety Standards (Wire)
  • Environment friendly, energy efficient and eye-pleasing AURORA software

Standard Equipment

  • Welded Steel Construction
  • DURMA CNC Control Unit (AURORA)
  • Remote Control Diagnostic (Ethernet)
  • Lantek Software W/Autonesting
  • Cutting Plate Alignment by Laser
  • DURMA Torch Height Control
  • Two Side Motion Control System (Rack & Pinion)
  • AC Servomotors for X & Y axes motion
  • CNC control outputs/inputs for filter unit
  • Consumables starting kit
  • Plasma Torch*
  • Ignition Console*
  • Torch height control travel with ballscrew on dual linear guides*

Optional Equipment

  • Hypertherm Max Pro 200 + Cable Set + Nozzle + Durma THC + Torch + Manual Gas Console incl.
  • Hypertherm HPR 130 XD + Cable Set + Nozzle + Durma THC + Ignition Console + Torch
  • Hypertherm HPR 260 XD + Cable Set + Nozzle + Durma THC + Ignition Console + Torch
  • Hypertherm HPR 400 XD + Cable Set + Nozzle + Durma THC + Ignition Console + Torch
  • CE Norm Safety Wire
  • Automatic Gas Console for Hypertherm
  • Manuel Gas Console for Hypertherm
  • Oxy-fuel Torch
  • Plasma Torch Brake System
  • Man. Plasma Beveling Head (+/- 45)
  • CNC Beveling Head
  • Single Drilling Head
  • 4 - 6 Drilling Heads
  • Filter for 130A
  • Filter for 260A
  • Filter for 400A
  • Air Dryer
  • Tube Cutting Device Ø50 mm - Ø400 mm
  • Additional Support for Tube cutting device
  • Fault and Program end signal lamp

Durma Plasma Cutting Machines Durma PL-C Series

Steel Construction

Strengthened steel body structure increases DURMA plasma’s durability and performance.

Durma Plasma Cutting Machines Durma PL-C Series

Hypertherm Cutting Head

Hypertherm cutting head is designed for fast cutting speeds, long life and superior cut quality for high productivity and low operating costs. Hypertherm delivers superior HyPerformance cutting across a broad range of application needs, from very thin to heavier thickness.

Durma Plasma Cutting Machines Durma PL-C Series

Durma CNC Control Unit

PLC series come with standard DURMA CNC control unit that provides convenient user experience. Users can realise tasks on plasma efficiently with a user-friendly control unit.

Durma Plasma Cutting Machines Durma PL-C Series

Hypertherm Power Source

Hypertherm combines fast cutting speeds, rapid process cycling, quick changeovers and high reliability to maximize productivity. Key advantages are new HDi thin stainless steel technology, superior cut quality and consistency, maximized productivity, minimized operating cost and unmatched reliability.

Durma Plasma Cutting Machines Durma PL-C Series

Durma PL-C Series Optional Equipment

Bevel Cutting

Precision and accuracy are two important elements that define Durma Bevel cutting device. It allows users to cut up to 45 degrees angle and automatically controls torch height to prevent distributions and collisions. 

Depending on power source, Bevel cut can handle up to 40mm of material thickness.

Durma Plasma Cutting Machines Durma PL-C Series

Drilling Head

Drilling head is an optional feature that is designed for variety of drilling types. It can include up to four drilling head that can drill the plate according to program set on the software.

Durma Plasma Cutting Machines Durma PL-C Series

Filter Unit

Filter units are designed for the extraction and filtration of dust, fume and emissions generated during CNC Plasma cutting operations. Hot big particles and sparks are separated with an integrated spark separator system. It creates better and safer working environment for Plasma operators.

Durma Plasma Cutting Machines Durma PL-C Series

Pipe Cutting

Different industrial applications can be performed with PLC series. In this matter, PLC series answers your pipe cutting needs perfectly. Increased productivity and accuracy can be achieved with pipe cutting option on PLC series.

Durma Plasma Cutting Machines Durma PL-C Series

AURORA Plasma Cutting Software

DURMA has released AURORA that will answer to your cutting needs. It ensures convenience for its users and consolidates all of your cutting needs with a single piece of software.

DURMA named this software AURORA because it has an eye-pleasing interface and is very user-friendly. AURORA is applicable to a variety of industrial applications such as plasma cutting, oxi cutting, bevel cutting, pipe cutting, drilling, tapping and most importantly true hole technology.

Durma Plasma Cutting Machines Durma PL-C Series

CAD CAM Software

Metalix software is available for easy programming and drawing of parts. It also easily and quickly converts DXF and DWG files to machine language for cutting.

The automatic nesting feature looks at the multiple parts to be cut from the sheet, and then organises them on the sheet in the most efficient way. Lower material costs.

Durma Plasma Cutting Machines Durma PL-C Series

Torch Height Control

Durma Torch Height Control System is designed for Plasma Cutting Machines such as cutting process on X-Y tables. The system sets the cutting height automatically between Torch and Working Part by using ark voltage.

Breakaway Systems protect the Torch by stopping the system if there is any error or system crashes.

Durma Plasma Cutting Machines Durma PL-C Series
Durma Plasma Cutting Machines Durma PL-C Series

Multi Drilling Head
Durma multi drilling systems are designed as mass production-oriented .The existence of 4 and 6 options is available and HSK-63 series are used with tool holders which have high precision.

Durma Plasma Cutting Machines Durma PL-C Series

Beveling Head
Durma 5-axis Plasma Angled Cutting Unit specially designed to respond to multiple angled cuttings. Durma 5-axis Cutting can be done by providing a 45 degrees angle by angle cutting unit and quickly switch between different angles which allows for smooth contours.

Durma Plasma Cutting Machines Durma PL-C Series

Single Drilling Head
Durma single drilling systems are designed with a compact structure. M16 tapping; it has the capacity of drilling up to Ø20

Durma Plasma Cutting Machines Durma PL-C Series

True Hole Technology
Hypertherm’s patent-pending True Hole cutting technology for mild steel produces significantly better hole quality than what has been previously been possible using plasma. This is delivered automatically without operator intervention, to produce unmatched hole quality that surpasses the competition. 

Durma Plasma Cutting Machines Durma PL-C Series

Fume Extraction System

Designed for filtration of released smoke and dust in the plasma cutting applications.

Panel filters produced with non-woven polyester and covered with PTFE membrane. Panel filters 0.2-2 micron range particles are capable of filtering efficiency of 99.9%. It filtrates; According to DIN EN 60335 standard it is Class: M and According to DIN EN 1822 standard it is Class: H13. Average filter life is 20,000 operating hours. There is dust bucket. Easy Strippers are fully sealed wheel-mounted. Dust bucket volume is 80lt.

Low noise level with advanced silencer structure <70dB(A) All connection pipes between Plasma Machine and Filter galvanised. Galvanised pipes minimises losses.

Type Capacity (m3/h) Motor (kW) Fan Pressure (Pa) Filter Surface (m2) Filter Number
PL-6000 6000 7.5 2950 95 10
PL-8000 8000 7.5 2300 133 14
PL-10000 10000 11 2600 152 16


Type A
Weight (kg)
PL-6000 2384 1514 2190 350 901 1419 795
PL-8000 3004 1514 2190 400 901 1419 925
PL-10000 3382 1514 2190 450 901 1419 1160

HPR Specifications

HPR Specifications


Plasma Power Source HyperthermHypertherm
Max. High Quality Cutting Capacity (MS) (Edge Start)mm3864
Max. High Quality Cutting Capacity (MS) (Pierce Capacity)mm1638
Max. Positioning Speed X / Ym/min3535
Max. Cutting Speedm/min1212
Positioning Accuracymm+/-0.1+/-0.1
Output CurrentA130260
Current Regulation RangeA30-13030-260
Gas Console - Automatic-O2,N2,H35,F5,AirO2,N2,H35,F5,Air
Cutting Angledegree2-42-4
Plasma Gas-O2,N2,H35,F5,AirO2,N2,H35,F5,Air
Plasma Shield Gas-O2,N2,H35,AirO2,N2,H35,Air

HPR Specifications

HPR Specifications


Plasma Power Source Hypertherm
Max. High Quality Cutting Capacity (MS) (Edge Start)mm80
Max. High Quality Cutting Capacity (MS) (Pierce Capacity)mm50
Max. Positioning Speed X / Ym/min35
Max. Cutting Speedm/min12
Positioning Accuracymm+/-0.1
Output CurrentA400
Current Regulation RangeA30-400
Gas Console - Automatic-O2,N2,H35,F5,Air
Cutting Angledegree2-4
Plasma Gas-O2,N2,H35,F5,Air
Plasma Shield Gas-O2,N2,H35,Air

Specifications subject to change without notice

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