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Tos Kurim Heavy Duty Machining Centres

Creating the future

The story started in 1942 in the Czech Republic with the manufacture of precision drilling machines to the present, producing a wide range of heavy duty CNC multi axis horizontal, vertical large machining centres and vertical turning lathes. Since the beginning the name TOS Kurim established its reputation as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of machine tools. The first steps towards automatic control of linear axis was made in 1958 and in 1962 the first numerical controlled machine manufactured. In 2005 Tos Kurim became part of the Alta Group which opened up the opportunities in world markets for exporting.

Expansion of production capacity in Tos Kurim enabled in 2010 transferring the production of its affiliate company CKD Blansko into a joint venture of the two companies to provide a unique production company with a broad portfolio of available all new Tos Kurim machinery with strong technical supports.

The co-operation with CKD Blansko compliments the range of machining centres by providing an exceptional range of heavy duty vertical CNC turning centres capable of turning up to a maximum of 16 metres dia.

Axe & Status Machinery Ltd are proud to announce that on 7th January 2015 they were appointed as the sole exclusive distributor for the UK and Northern Ireland for the new Tos Kurim range of products.  First line support is provided by Axe & Status for training, installation, service and maintenance.  By their professional service team.

The name Tos Kurim has a long standing world recognition and respect in its products and achievements.  The ‘All New’ Tos Kurim range upholds the tradition of the company in ‘Creating the Future’. For more information please call 01908 647707.

The “All New” Tos Kurim Now Available

  • FUT Series table ram type horizontal universal machining centres
  • FU Series floor ram type horizontal machining centre travelling column ram type
  • FUB Series floor ram type heavy duty machining centre
  • FRU Series double column traveling gantry  fixed bed machining centres
  • FRF Series double column, fixed table travelling column machining centres
  • FRP Series double column, fixed elevating bridge, travelling table machining centres
  • FS Series bed type machining centre

The all new technology range are offered with flexible specifications to suit customers’ requirements.  Options such as travelling spindle or ram; rotary ‘B’ axis; choice of universal heads; angular/universal indexing/universal continuous.

Tos Kurim Ram Type Horizontal FUT Series Machining Centre

The latest restructuring of the Tos Kurim range has been consolidated to an extensive range of heavy duty bed type and floor type vertical and horizontal CNC boring machine centres.  Extending to 24,000mm ‘X’ axis travel.

The all new range of products launched at the EMO Milan exhibition 2015 which was received by many visitors with interest and enthusiasm resulting in serious potential enquiries from many International visitors. 

Total registered EMO visitors was stated at 155,362 from 120 countries around the world.


  • Table: 1,600 x 1,800/1,800 x 2,200/2,000 x 2,400mm
  • ‘X’ 2,000/3,000/4,000/5,000mm
  • ‘Y’ 2,000/2,500/3,000mm
  • ‘Z’ 1,500/2,000mm
  • Spindle: BT50, 37kW, 20-4,000rpm
Tos Kurim Heavy Duty Machining Centres

Tos Kurim FU150 Ram Type Duplex Horizontal Travelling Column Universal Machining Centre

  • Table: 4,200 X 2,000mm
  • ‘X’ Travel 4,000mm
  • ‘Y’ Ram Travel
  • ‘Z’ Vertical Travel
  • ‘W’ 160mm dia, Quill Travel 800mm
  • Spindle BT50; 60/70W 6,000rpm
  • Ram 460 x 520mm
  • 120 ATC
  • VO Universal 2-Axis Cont. Head
  • Auto Interchangeable Head Store
Tos Kurim Heavy Duty Machining Centres

Specifications subject to change without notice