CNC machine tools and sheet metal machinery
Axe and Status Service and Support

The Axe & Status experience is recognised for its unique selling policy. From the outset, a clear understanding of the customer’s requirements is established by our Technical Sales Engineers and Directors, using specialised resources such as applications and methods engineering to establish cycle times etc. The close co-operation between Axe & Status and the manufacturer ensures every effort is made to provide quality machinery at the right price, to fulfill customer’s requirements and provide an extension to their production team by giving advice and co-operation to resolve production challenges.

Training facilities are provided within Axe & Status’ own offices, combined with training on site on a one to one basis with the operator. Operators are encouraged to talk directly with our technical engineers, as close contact by telephone ensures reliability and confidence within the workshop. Refresher training or specific courses are also provided to give maximum flexibility to operator capabilities.

Effective maintenance is the key to keeping machinery working hard, and minimising downtime. Our Service Department is set up to provide a pro-active approach to eliminate machine and control problems. We offer all our customers on-site machine inspections, with written reports to highlight potential problems. Planned maintenance schedules can be set up and operated to coincide with customers production runs, existing maintenance schedules and plant shut downs. Axe & Status also offer an excellent reactive service to cope with any occasional breakdown situation, with fast turnaround times to get machinery up and running as quickly as possible.

This is what helps make Axe & Status a leader as a UK supplier and distributor.

Service Contracts

Annually renewable, our Service Contracts offer impressive response times for assistance, inclusive service costs and discounts on parts and labour. Contact us to find out more.